About Us

A Trusted Partner in Maximizing Your Ad Revenue

We are a publisher-centric company offering a set of programmatic monetization products and services. We help publishers increase their ad revenue using header bidding, contextual video content, innovative ad formats, web stories, and audio content. Since the day we started, we have helped over 300 publishers increase their ad revenue without affecting the user experience. What makes us different? It is our exclusive range of Ad Tech products.

Helping Publishers Double Their Revenue

We are an all-in-one platform that helps publishers across the world to earn more ad revenue without hindering user experience.

Access to Premium Demand

Publishers can use our platform to access premium demand without involving themselves in the practice of pitching and negotiation themselves.

Delivering better eCPM

We help you boost bid values for each impression by merging human expertise, industry-leading tactics, and advanced advertising technologies. We drive balanced eCPM growth for our publishers.

Leading Ad Revenue Optimization Platform for Publishers

We offer 360-degree revenue optimization solutions to publishers. Through our innovative products, we help publishers grow their digital assets. We aim to help them grow their advertising revenue by using the latest technology, ad layout optimization, smart ad refresh, and innovative ad formats.

Supercharge their ad Revenue

Achieve sustainable revenue boost with minimum effort. We help publishers maximize ad sales and streamline all the processes under one platform.

Earn Ad Block Recovery Revenue

Publishers can recollect the revenue they lose due to ad blockers. We ensure they earn maximum revenue without disturbing the user experience.

Manage Ad Operations

We take the responsibility of how your ad runs, campaign optimization, media planning, and reporting to generate results that are focused on quality & efficiency.

Next Generation Publisher Solutions.

At Bidsxchange, we ensure how extra ad revenues can be attained without affecting the user experience.

Insightful Console for Publishers

We have an intuitive platform that serves multiple ad formats like Text, Text with Image, Display, Video & much more. Our platform is flexible and gives users the facility to analyze their revenue.

Single Dashboard

We offer a single dashboard where you can view all your online advertising data. Our dashboard also offers insights on monetization. The real-time view of your statistics will help you make smart decisions.

Yield Optimization

We enhance publisher’s revenue through innovative yield optimization technologies, reporting services, and management tools. We evaluate your highest performing revenue sources & your optimal eCPM’s daily.

Advanced Technology

Our proprietary technology POE (Programmatic Optimization Engine) and Anti-Fraud algorithm are best in class in the industry. You can be sure that your ads are seen by the right audience.

The Secret Behind Our Existence!

In an industry with an end number of revenue optimization platforms, the secret behind our existence is our 360-degree approach. We offer improved and transparent ad revenue optimization solutions for publishers including header bidding, video monetization, audio, innovative ad formats, display, native, and web stories.

Bidsxchange's Advertising Channels


Engage your audience with awe-inspiring videos. Our rich video formats empower publishers to leverage the power of video ads by accessing customized video content.


Reach your target audience more accurately and in a cost-effective way. We create those types of display ads that drive more leads while boosting your brand.

Web Stories

We create mobile-focused and visually attractive web stories that help you attract more visitors to your site. It lets the audience explore more content at their own pace.


Get the right ads depending on the content of your site. We have a wide range of native ad units that publishers can use to drive traffic and generate revenue.


By considering the growth of audio content, we bring a distinctive audio experience. We help publishers monetize their content by incorporating targeted audio ads.


We are coming up with new advertising channels to customize content for richer interactions.

A True Alliance

We consider every discussion as a true collaboration, a mutual process led by a common goal. We discover and create solutions that support your objectives to help you manage and scale your business for the best results.